Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Humor as our topic and how it came to be!

Hello everyone! This is Jamie, Katelyn, and Danielle speaking to you!!! We hope you've been enjoying our unique sense of humor with the topics we have chosen to present. Humor is such an interesting topic because it's part content and part personal "flavor". Lets face it, there are some things we personally find funny and others well... not so much. We thought humor would be a great topic because yeah, it's funny... haha... but we also felt this would be a highly recognized topic. It's a good topic worth discussing because since communication has changed and evolved so much over the past decade it's almost harder to really establish when someone is being funny virtually. Stop and think about when someone says something like "Gosh, man you're dumb"... Ok is this is an insult, or someone joking, or whatever? You can't really tell unless you understand the tone of the conversation or if they add something like "lol" or "rofl". With humor in Social Media, the same kind of idea applies but it's a little bit easier to identify the "funny" in the topic, once again based on personal taste.

Here's an example we all thought you would appreciate:

Ok, so this is from the movie Moulin Rouge and it's not the PERFECT example, but it will do. As you watch the beginning of this clip you'll note that the two characters appear to be doing some humorous actions. Well first off, it's not what you think! They are on two totally different spectrums (as you'll see in the clip or if you watch the movie.) Now some people would find this as really funny because of the content and dialogue in this scene, others may view it as this is gross and down-right weird. Whatever your view is that's fine. You may find it funny on your own but to others.. it may be different. As Katelyn just said "THANKS TO YOUTUBE, YOU CAN LAUGH ON YOUR OWN!" It's true though. YouTube, as another form of Social Media, really brings us this quantity of content that allows us to adapt your own view of humor.

Well, that about does it for us for this round! Til the next... have fun!!!!


  1. Moulin Rouge is a great film because it mocks the aspects of modern cinematography. The MTV style of quick cuts, flashy camera moves, and strange angles, with the wacky characters of a theatre, and the overly sensual characters from a sex club.

  2. I think choosing humor in social media was a great decision. In this day and age, humor is present in almost any and every single social media outlet. If you look at Facebook, there is almost always someone posting a funny image, clip, or song in which many people react to and ultimately come closer together with. A good example of this are internet memes, which are found in nearly every single website now a days. While some people may not get these memes, (hello ashland university meme page) people can still easily relate to them and ultimate bring them closer together.

    1. Exactly! This is such a great summary of the thought process behind this idea.

  3. This is a very interesting topic to start a blog about. I've always been fascinated with why certain people find certain types of humor funny and other types not as funny. I tried writing a paper on it last semester but couldn't find enough scholarly studies on it. Humor is not only enjoyable but also a HUGE benefit to health and more research needs to be done on it. Like Love, humor is very complex.

  4. I think this is a really interesting topic because I think the way humor is used on social media is sometimes different than the way we see it in other mediums. Everyone has their own sense of humor, and social media sites give them a way to express that sense of humor however they want: through video, images, just a funny thought, etc. You can really get a feel for a person's sense of humor without ever meeting them if you look through their activity on a social media site.

  5. Nice choice in topic. I am a fan of Moulin Rouge, but I am a fan of humor even more. I'm glad you chose this topic because it is something that can seem obvious, but most certainly is not. Everyone one has different sense of humors and some cultures have their own thoughts about what they find funny. For example, one of my professors told the class a story of how she went to Sweden and saw 'American Wedding,' which was a funny movie to both culture, but she observed that she always laughed at different parts than the natives. Very interesting.