Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Danielle Slone- Parodies in Social Media

Hello everyone! I'm Danielle Slone a senior at Ashland University studying Electronic Media Production (aka Broadcasting) and minoring in Speech Communication. I'm Program Director for our campus radio station and I'm also involved in Greek Life at AU. This has been my second home for the past four years, but I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life after Graduation in May! The class that this blog project is for is our new Global Impact on Social Media course. Since Social Media has become such a large part of our society's communication and culture, I thought it would be an interesting class and so far I've been correct! The other two authors of this blog and myself, are going to walk you through some of the different aspects of humor and social media. As my contribution to this, I'll be posting about parodies found in Social Media. Parodies are such a interesting little part of humor because while the comedy is in the material, part of it is also how people interpret it! Growing up I was always fond of Weird Al for doing parodies of artists or shows like The Simpsons who can make fun of almost anything they can find! (The Simpsons even did a episode recently making fun of Social Media called The D'Oh-ical Network look it up on Fox.com if you wanna see it!) Anyway, stay tuned for some fun and interesting stuff from me to come about the amusing world of parodies!!!!

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